A Lodge | A Family

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There are many benefits that come as a result of Freemasonry. One such benefit is Brotherly love and friendship.  Gardner Lodge does not fall short int his area as we are proud of our tight knit membership.  From sick members and life struggles to celebrations and birthdays, We strive to keep a family connection because that is what we are.  There is no denying that this can be found at numerous other lodges and institutions however we consider ourselves lucky to benefit from such a close and special bond.

Gardner Lodge is a diverse group. We have members young and old, of all backgrounds and walks life that come together on the level for a higher purpose. Our lode takes pride is saying that we are more than a jsut another lodge, we are a Family. The best thing of all is we are always looking and open to growing our family. The question is, are you? In todays society we have alot of aquaintences but not many that are truly friends. We take aim to preserve that and to be a part of each others lives and to know each others families. We get together and grow those bonds, we know our Brothers wives and children and they know each other and more importantly than all we care about one another. This is not a facebook friendslist or an email contant. We are more than a lodge, we are a Family. 

Have you considered looking into Freemasonry? Have you wanted to find positive ways to get involved within the community? Have you found yourself seeking a difference in life? Seeking ginuine friendships? Family?

Our table has an empty chair for you. Come break bread with us and see what Gardner Freemasons are all about.

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