Gardner Lodge had the pleasure to present an Exemplary Student and an Exemplar Teacher award along with a gift card for a job well done. These two were locally nominated and both winners were from Edgerton Elementry School. Gardner Lodge officers were invited to present the awards at the […]

Student and Teacher Awards 2018

April 19th, the last stated meeting of Gardner Lodge, Brother Dustin Spillman was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.  It was a great night and a most enjoyable degree.  Please join us in welcoming Bro. Spillman to our Third Degree rank.  We are very proud to see […]

Spillman Third Degree

During Gardner Lodges stated meeting on April 5th we were proudly visited by our new DDGM, R:.W:. Cliff Hill.  One of the reasons he was there was to present our Past Master Ralph Jensen with the Masters Achievement Award for 2017.  A job well done!           Brother […]

April 5th Stated Meeting

Gardner Lodge is proud to announce one of our apprentices has proved himself through his laboring in the quarry and obtained his Second Degree.  Brother Dustin Spillman, after being declared proficient in his memory work, continued his journey in Freemasonry Thursday evening obtaining his Second Degree. Please help us congratulate our newest […]

Bro. Spillman Second Degree

During the stated meeting on Feb 1st, Gardner Lodge had the pleasure of initiating our second EA for the Masonic year.  Jacob Roark found the likes of Freemasonry through the “old fashioned” manner of Asking.  He reached a point of having a healthy interest in the fraternity so got in touch […]

Jacob Roark EA Degree

  Gardner Lodge members recently attended the Area 2 school of instruction held at Palmyra Lodge No. 23 in Baldwin, Kansas this year.  This was a wonderful event and much was learned by the Brethren in attendance.  The event was very well attended by nearly 50 Brothers from area lodges […]

2018 School of Instruction

  January 4th, 2018 Tonight was the second meeting for Gardner Lodge under the leadership of our 2018 officer line. We kicked the year off strong with a First Degree this evening.  Bro. Dustin Spillman was found in waiting and with no objection, he was initiated as our youngest Entered Apprentice.  He […]

Dustin Spillman First Degree

Officers of Gardner Lodge made the commute yesterday to Topeka, Ks. to partake in the annual Leadership Academy put on the by Grand Lodge of Kansas.  This, as always, was an exceptional event that even drew in Brethren from several different Masonic jurisdictions.  The day was structured into two different […]

2017 Kansas Leadership Academy

Another busy yet successful lodge night.  The evening started out with a visit from the Baldwin, Kansas Jobs Daughters Bethel.  They payed us a visit to introduce themselves to the lodge as well sell tickets for their upcoming Thanksgiving meal.  This was followed by an unexpected yet amazing question and […]

Pin Ceremony and First Degree

Gardner Lodge would like to congratulate Bro. Hellweg on obtaining his Third Degree at our last stated meeting.  He will freely tell you this has been a long time coming for him.  Let there be no confusion, the lenth of time between his degree was not in the least because […]

Bro. Hellweg’s Third Degree