On the evening of February 6th, 6020 at the lodge’s Stated Meeting we had the pleasure of initiating a new Brother into he lodge. Help us give a warm welcome and congrats to Gardner Lodge’s newest Entered Apprentice, Brother Shannin Reardon. We look forward to seeing you grow throughout your […]

Brother Shannin Reardon

Gardner Lodge held their 152nd Annual Installation of Officers Ceremony yesterday evening to great success. As is tradition the evening was started off with a festive board that doubled as a recognition of the upcoming St Johns Day that is traditionally Masonicly celebrated with a feast. Brother Al Van Tries […]

152nd Installation of Officers

Gardner Lodge hosted their 2nd annual Angelo Miño Lodge Debate. This was the first one held since the passing our Brother Angelo. We feel that he was of course there in spirit and would have been proud of the constructive discourse that took place. The topic behind this year’s debate […]

2nd Annual Lodge Debate

Brother Alex Powers, Past master 2018 has completed and published a complete history of the Gardner Masonic Lodge. This is a quality work in which he spent three years research for and a year writing.  This was professionally published in hardback form coming in at just under 700 pages covering […]

Lodge History Published

Brother Gerald Sloan presented an idea to the lodge for an annual debate encouraging education and deeper consideration of our Masonic teachings. Being inspired by our Brother Angelo Mino to continue Masonic education it was motioned and carried to name this event after Brother Mino. The first debate will be […]

First Annual Lodge Debate

Gardner Lodge had a huge treat tonight as Past Grand Master M:.W:. Daren Kellerman came to visit our lodge meeting and gifted us with an OUTSTANDING Masonic Ed piece on the EA Degree.

PGM Kellerman Visits Gardner Lodge

Well, the annual Festival on the Trails festivities in Gardner was extremely busy for Gardner Lodge this year.  We had our work cut out for us manning three different events during the festival but also allowed for great one on one time with the general community. The Worshipful Master, Alex G […]

Festival on The Trails 2018

Today was a very proud day for me.  Early on in my history research of Gardner Lodge, I set out to find out the identity of the two photos hanging on the lodge room wall. After making the connection with Past Master McClintock I was on to the next which I […]

Remembering LeRoy Hill