Esoterics 101 by Guest Speaker Robert Johnson

The one and only, Brother Robert Johnson will be joining us via Skype on March 15th to deliver an Epic Masonic Ed piece. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Since Dan Brown wrote the da Vinci Code,
countless people from around the globe have become aware of the language of symbols. With the release of The Lost Symbol, many became once again, interested with the symbolry in Freemasonry. Do the symbols and words used in our Craft mean more than what is initially expressed? If so, do the lessons lead somewhere? What does it truly tell us? R:.W:. Robert Johnson of the Whence Came You Podcast shares some unique insights into our symbols, expresses some hidden meanings within our lecture work and in general serves to introduce the audience to the fact that there is indeed, more than meets the eye.

Authoritative, Factual. No nonsense.


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