We Have Lodge Thursday, 8/4


Just a reminder that Gardner Lodge does NOT go dark in July and August anymore. So, we will be excited to see your faces tomorrow evening! Two things of note are going on. First, we’re replacing the curtains in the Lodge. A lot of us are showing up at 6:30 to tear down the old and put up the new. I know many of you will gladly rip down what have become quite an eyesore over the years. On the other hand, some of you may hold special attachment to the old ones and we’ll make sure there are plenty of souvenirs to take home! 😉

Also, as acting Worshipful, I’ve instituted a new meeting topic that explores how Free Masonry affects our everyday life. I’ve challenged everyone to share a story in which a brother was able to exemplify a Masonic virtue through action, or some cases, inaction. These are wonderful ways to understand that we, as Masons, gain internal growth through living out our virtues while simultaneously showing by example that Masons are about being a better person.

So, come join us tomorrow night! Can’t wait to see you!!

Gerald Sloan