2018 Annual Dinner

Gardner Lodge hosted our annual dinner yesterday evening and had an amazing turnout.  We served over 120 individuals with an epic line up of dishes including Chicken strips, pork ribs, pulled pork, and the renowned mountain oysters.  The food selection did not end there, an overfilled table with a vast selection of side dishes helped each plate become a heaping belly buster.

The crowd that came out was WAY too big to host in our lodge hall so we used the wonderful Gardner Senior Center once again






With no delay, we had a long line from start to finish. Even though the crowd did give it their best shot, we did not run out of food.  However, we are happy to invite all back again next year to give it another shot!





Although a good problem to have we may need to find a bigger location for future events as we were pushing it to the limits with our crowd yet again.


Thank you to all who came out and supported the lodge again.  You all mean more to us than you know. See you again next year!