150 Celebration Table Lodge

On Oct. 13th, With only a week left until the big celebration of 150 years for Gardner Lodge since chartered the Master called for a Table Lodge to start off the festivities.

A “ladies table lodge” was called although the ladies of the table lodge script was not closely followed. Rather it was titled a Ladies table lodge so that all of our ladies were able to join of for the evening which went over extremely well. It was decided to stray from the script a bit in the area of toasts as there are typically scripted toasts but the Master chose to throw his officers present under the bus and ask them each to come up with a meaningful toast on the spot.  After a few deer in the headlights looks all did infact deliver quality toasts enjoyed by all.

To take things up a notch from the past the Masters lady, Ivette made custom Gardner Lodge firing cannons for the event and to be used at future table lodges as well.  These features etched glass designs including the lodge seal on the front and the lodge number “65” on the backside. We would like to thank all in attendance for such a wonderful evening and a great start to the big celebration.

Here’s to Gardner Lodge and another 150…