JOCO Fair CHIP Event

Bro. Ralph Jensen, Worshipful Master of Gardner Lodge, is at it again!

Every year W:. Bro. Jensen takes vacation from work to manage our CHIP (Child Identification Program) which we offer as a FREE service to the public.  The program is truly amazing.  Again, at no cost, the lodge provides the parents with a packet containing all the important information of their child to easily and readily hand over in the case the child ever went missing.  The packet includes all the relevant information that could be used to help find a missing child such as height, weight, photos from all angels, audio video recording of scripted questions, finger prints of all fingers, and a DNA swab for the parents to complete at home.  The packet is then fully handed over to the parents for safe keeping.  As the child grows you can always bring them back for a new FREE packet to keep current.

We  are located inside the auxiliary building on the fair grounds right next to the JOCO Sheriff’s Booth.  We will be here through Saturday the 5th.  Come and see us!