St. John’s Day Observance

Sunday the 25th of June was announced the be the official recognition of St John’s Day for Kansas Freemasons. The actual day for the observance was Saturday the 24th but it is a tradition that the lodges will attend a church service together on St. John’s Day. Gardner Lodge members had a full day of celebration for the occasion. The day was started by lodge members attending service together at the First Presbyterian Church of Gardner. The service was well nice and enjoyed by all. The lodge kindly received by the regular church community.

After the morning service, everyone then had time to go change and meet at the Hayden farm. W:. Bro:. Secretary Dave Hayden hosted a lodge picnic at his house. This proved to be a great time of fellowship between the Brethren and their families alike. Thank you for all who attended. We are looking forward to next year!