2017 Pin Presentation Ceremony

Last night was a rather epic evening for Gardner Lodge. We hosted our 2017 Pin Presentation Ceremony, which was a huge success.

The evening started with everyone gathered around the dining hall for a prayer from our Chaplin, W:.Bro:. Doc Knocke. After some Pretty amazing food consisting of elegantly cooked brisket, a cornucopia of sides, and tables of desserts sure to keep the local dentist office in business for many years to come, the crowd moved into the lodge room to start the event. We had a surprise though… One Brother, W:. Bro:. Ken Mitchell had arrived thanks to the great staff of the Wellsville Retirement Community but, even though we do have a stair lift, was unable to safely make it upstairs to the event. He had asked instead if a few could come down just to say “Hi”. Well, that was not acceptable as this evening was not about us it was about Brother Ken and the other honored recipients. Since he was unable to come up we all came down to him and did an official, full-blown, Grand Lodge officers and all, curbside pin presentation just for him! It was really quite the memorable experience for us and we hope we did justice to his 60 impressively filled years of service in the Masonic Lodge.

Before continuing into the regularly scheduled ceremony there was yet another surprise brought to the attention of the lodge… W:. Bro:. Angelo Mino, our J:.S:. this year, arose from his post requesting the presence of someone in the room by the name of Miss Ashlyn Powers. Ashlyn is his Granddaughter as well as the daughter of Bro:. Alex Powers, our S:.W:. this year. Turns out it was her 8th birthday yesterday! The entire crowd joined in to sing Happy Birthday much to her satisfaction.

Brother Tony Borum, G:.J:.W:. presided over the ceremony acting in part as the Grand Master. He was assisted by many other Grand Lodge officers, staff, and wives who also made the trip to Gardner for this joyous occasion. The presentation went over very well and a wonderful time was had by all in attendance.