Pin Ceremony and First Degree

Another busy yet successful lodge night.  The evening started out with a visit from the Baldwin, Kansas Jobs Daughters Bethel.  They payed us a visit to introduce themselves to the lodge as well sell tickets for their upcoming Thanksgiving meal.  This was followed by an unexpected yet amazing question and answer session.  The lodge was first given the opportunity to ask any questions to the girls about their Bethel and/or Jobs Daughters as a whole.  The tables were then turned on us as the girls asked if they could have an opportunity to question the lodge to better understand Freemasonry and the workings of the lodge in comparison to their Bethels.  Needless to say this was appreciated and enjoyed by all.

We had some Grand Lodge Brass join us this evening to assist in properly awarding Bro. Jack Carrow his 65 year pin.  Congratulations!

Last but not least we also had degree work this evening.  Gardner Lodge was thrilled to welcome our newest Entered Apprentice to our ranks tonight.  Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Bro. Johnnie Howe who received his First Degree this evening.